Welcome to Exotix! We cook authentic Filipino (Ilocano style) & Chinese (Guangzhou style) food and we have cool snacks!

Community members working collectively towards common goals is essential in maintaining the character in these communities where we create, live, laugh, and love in. Based and created in Seattle Washington's Beacon Hill, M.L.K, & Rainier Beach neighborhoods, Exotix was created with deeply-rooted positive community intentions to all rise up together.

We love what we do and to carry out family recipes and sharing them with you is a pleasure and honor! Kells mom & pops had a Chinese bbq shop in Chinatown in the early 1990’s - early 2000’s called A&A BBQ known for the Char Siu Bbq Pork and many other recipes. Rodney’s Filipino style family recipes stem from deep understanding of balanced flavors and utilizing key ingredients and processes to achieve familiar dishes with a entirely positive impact! Known for their families famous Ilocano style Bbq Pork Belly, these flavors will make an impact! It’s a pleasure serving you these cherished recipes!